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Titus Theatricals

The book of Titus was written by the Apostle Paul to encourage and guide his brother of faith on ethical leadership. This scripture has a great deal of relevance in today's culture. These times pose a need to refocus on quality leadership and the upbringing of new leaders. Naming ourselves after this book will continually remind us of the importance of leading through our hearts and then our minds. At the same time, we will always remember that good leaders are not born but fostered through time, like a ballerina strengthening her point.

Titus Theatricals is a commercial theatre producing entity with a focus on creating and developing new dynamic works within all major and minor forms of the performing arts to entertain, to stimulate, and to promote change within communities around the world.

Our Vision
Our vision is to successfully produce first-class productions that challenge our artistic abilities and stimulate our patrons’ minds while building everlasting relationships worldwide.